Richard Pocock

Your Places

Surveys show we’re all doing more with our mobile applications, from banking, to shopping, to smart life management.

In 2017 Richard Pocock co-founded Torus Connect Ltd, the company behind the Your Places brand, to bring the power and flexibility of mobile applications to cafes, coffee shops and merchants of all sizes.

Taking inspiration from larger, corporate chains, Richard is especially passionate about click and collect, enabling smaller merchants in the UK and Europe to harness this technology for the needs and changing habits of their customer.

His focus is always on the consumer, endorsed by Steve Job’s famous quote: ‘You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology’.

Richard’s team provides over 25 years technology experience for the hospitality industry. He personally brings over 15 years experience in senior company leadership positions, now CEO and as a member of Torus Connect’s board of directors.

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