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My Order Box

There are countless POS systems, online ordering and delivery management providers out there but none that integrate these solutions like we do.

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Some features that we know you'll 'love' to use:

* Integrated Online Ordering - Get online quickly and easily using 'Live Pepper' or 'Just-eat'. Let's get your orders directly into your terminal.

* Integrated Own Branded Website & App - Customers can order directly from your responsive website or branded app with our unified online orders solution.

* Click & Collect - Allow customers to place orders with you when it suits them on their mobile phones or other devices.

* Customer & Loyalty Management - Use our Integrated solution to chose a Loyalty solution that you like, manage Repeat Customer Orders, Create Promotions and Directly Market to Customers from the Terminal.

*Integrated Delivery & Driver Management - Our in built or 'Orderlord' integration allows you to manage drivers & deliveries easily.

* Menu Management - Being cloud based allows you to set your own delivery prices and update all your terminals at the same time.

* Cloud Based Reports - Drill down into Hourly, Daily, Weekly reports on Cash, Card, Online, Delivery Sales at the click of a button, securely from anywhere. You can now see how much 'Cash' you have in the till in real time!

* Inventory/Stock control like no other - The spine of My Order Box is our intricate yet effortless stock control system which allows you to manage all your products.

* Real Time Tracking of Inventory - So you are aware of how much of each item is available at that precise moment of time.

* Food Cost Engineering - You can now determine your most and least profitable items, you can now engineer more cost-effective menus.

* Stock is low alert - Be immediately alerted once inventory is about to go below a specific level.

* Track all aspects of foods & determine wastage - Regulate your items down to ingredient level.

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