Chanel Cornelius

918 Coffee Co

Born in Manchester, Chanel is passionate about both Business and the Environment. She studied her degree in Business and IT at Manchester University and her passions grew with her. Advancing her education with a
Postgraduate Certificate, Chanel went on to run her first company at the age of 24.

Her passion for coffee and the environment were finally allowed to be indulged and she opened 918’s first coffee shop in 2009 with husband and co-founder Justin Cornelius.

918 Coffee Co has since rapidly grown to become a market leader in sustainable coffee production.

918’s ground breaking Eco Roast Technology, produces (possibly/TBC) the most Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Super Ethical, Carbon Free Coffee in the World!

Developing new models for future technology in this industry, 918 Coffee Co is set to change the way we all view coffee waste in the future.

‘Deliciously Responsible Coffee - lovingly created by 918 Coffee Co’

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