The PCRRG is made up of organisations forming the various parts of the paper cup supply chain, in the UK and Europe and or with an interest in achieving the Group’s objectives. By being a formal member of the PCRRG, organisations will help to continue the important work of encouraging and looking at improving recycling and diversion of paper cups.

The group is also supported by organisations which have an interest in the sector but which are not directly involved in the paper cup supply chain e.g. WRAP and bio-bean.

The main areas of focus for the group are to:
- Bring together different aspects of the supply chain to better understand all the different components and stakeholder views
- Conduct research and to identify ways in which to improve the sustainability of the paper cup supply chain
- Identify solutions which sees paper cups collected alongside other paper and card products through existing recycling collection
infrastructure via either mixed recycling or paper / card only collections.
- Develop consistent messaging and educate the involved parties on material value and recyclability
- Engage with key stakeholders to understand and address risks associated with the environmental impacts of paper cups

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