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Tekpak Solutions
'The only viable option'

Imagine a New Group of Packaging Options that are:

* Omnidegradable ® anywhere there are active microbes
-works with any Plastic - Flims, Tubs, Bottles, Jars, Pouches, etc.

* World's First Omnnidegradable ® - Ultra High Barrier
-BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, (Metallized or Clear) and One Way Valves,
also PE, PA, PS, EPS, Bio-Foil and now, Single Serve Cups.

* The ONLY films indefinitely Shelf-Stable
-will not break down on the shelf

* Biodegrades in Oceans, Lakes, Soil, Home Composts, Landfills, Swamps, Forests, etc.

* Reverts to original elements
-harmlessly, quickly & completely and are Beneficial to Plant Growth.

* Scientifically Proven technology
-Independent Lab and University Studies

* Replaces virtually all types of plastics
-simply and effectively

* Individually Recyclable

* Currently in use around the world

* Retains the same properties as the original plastics

* Cost relatively little to create such a large shelf-impact

* Considered to be "The only viable option"

...if your organisation considers environmental responsibility to be an important issue, you should be considering this option.

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