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The Sure-Track MT3 is a fully monitored battery operated recovery device that is simple to use and easy to install. It has been designed specifically to get your catering trailer returned to you as quickly as possible following theft.

MT3: Tracking and Recovery device

- Easy to install
- 3 year battery life
- Tamper and movement alarm
- 24/7 monitoring
- Insurance approved meaning cheaper premiums
- Secure recover

The Sure-Track ST3000 is ideal for any size fleet and gives businesses greater control of their vehicles, leading to improved delivery efficiency and increased profits, see features below -

- Live minute by minute updates
- GPS Journey data
- Drivers behaviour
- Speeding and erratic driving
- Service and maintenance
- Unauthorised usage
- Security

Thiefbeaters : Identification marking system

The Thiefbeaters marking system has been designed to deter would be thieves from stealing your trailer and makes it harder for them to break down for parts. This is achieved by marking it with a unique identifier in over 40 different locations. It is then registered on the national database and can be accessed only by the owner, police and insurance companies.

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