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Spectank is a revolutionary system designed to decarbonise virtually all metal kitchen equipment, especially useful for those difficult to clean items used every day - extraction filters, grills, gas burners, pots, pans, roasting dishes, and more...

Allow used equipment to soak in the heated Spectank, and you will get clean, decarbonised and sanitised equipment without the need for your staff to manually scrub the items.

Not only does Spectank simplify your cleaning process and provide you with better results than manual scrubbing can provide; but it significantly reduces your costs and the resources you use in the kitchen, thereby adding significant margin to your bottom line profits.

Trusted in over 30,000 kitchens across the 35 countries where Spectank operates - Please visit our stand to have a chat with us about how Spectank can simplify your cleaning, and allow you more time to spend making great food.

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