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Retail Secure provide an affordable network security solution for businesses across various industries. A lot of business owners do not realise their responsibilities when it comes to protecting their customers` data. If a business takes payment by card, no matter how frequently, they need to be PCI compliant. RetailCompli, Retail Secure`s leading product, ensures PCI compliance while reducing the chance of a data breach by a considerable degree.

`It won`t happen to me` is the stance that a lot of business owners have when it comes to data breaches, and it is a dangerous one. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting local takeaway companies, restaurants, hotels, and pubs because they recognise that they do not have the security personnel and infrastructure in place to protect their customers` payment data. When a business is hacked, owners find themselves facing extortionate fraud losses, non-compliance fines, remediation costs, and reputational damage.

RetailCompli is a cost efficient solution that gives small businesses the platform to compete. There are many features of this service that protects data, yet the main one is the creation of a separate Cardholder Data Environment (CDE). This ensures that customers` card data is segregated from all other data on a business` network, such as shopping tablets and security cameras. This restricts access and makes it virtually impossible for hackers to find a way in.

Another one of the leading solutions provided by Retail Secure is Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi. This is a solution that an increasing number of businesses in the food and hospitality sector are investing in, and, therefore, it is vital for businesses to invest soon so that they do not get left behind. Customers are now starting to expect free Wi-Fi, and it presents a great way for businesses to boost customer satisfaction. While customers are waiting for their food, they can browse the Internet and this will make their experience more enjoyable.

This merely scratches the surface of the benefits to be gained by going for the Retail Secure Guest Wi-Fi solution. They provide business owners with real-time data about all of their connected customers. This data can be used to target promotions and special offers better, such as 20 per cent off their next meal or hotel stay. This promotes loyal relationships and gives business owners an excellent way of boosting their profit levels. Retail Secure also provide customised landing pages so that you can incorporate your logo and other promotional messages to brand your business effectively.

As security experts, Retail Secure take this aspect extremely seriously, and their Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi solution is fully compliant with all applicable legislation, ensuring complete peace of mind. The last thing business owners want is to be held responsible for anything their customers` do on their network. The content filtering feature of this solution also helps to block any inappropriate material.

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