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Powermat is the wireless charging pioneer and leader.
Powermat is the provider of the largest wireless charging network in the world. Powermat`s vision is to change the paradigm of how we all consume power. No more cumbersome dependency on limiting cables. We all need to be free to run our busy day-to-day lives without worrying about our phone battery dying. Powermat solves this by providing seamless access to power everywhere you go. When you are out and about on your busy day, wirelessly charging while drinking coffee in your favorite coffee shop, eating lunch, or exercising at the gym, your battery anxiety is eliminated. You can count on Powermat to keep you and your mobile phone charged all day long.
Powermat enables public spaces such as universities, airports and restaurants to improve customer satisfaction by providing them the seamless experience of wireless charging technology. Powermat`s mobile app increases customer engagement and gets higher store foot traffic while providing them with timely relevant offers.
As the trend in wireless charging accelerates, Powermat is the only company combining an intelligent wireless charging solution with a powerful customer engagement platform. Supported by our market leader partners: Starbucks, Samsung, General Motors & Dunkin` Donuts, to name a few, the Powermat wireless charging network is growing every day.
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