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No Proof of Age - No Sale

No Proof of Age No Sale - online training for businesses.

This online training toolkit, run and maintained directly by Trading Standards South West, is aimed at any business that sells any kind of age restricted goods or services. Whilst most other training on age restrictions tends to be focused on alcohol and tobacco, NPOANS includes much more, with specific information on Alcohol, Knives, Tobacco, Distance Selling, Fireworks, Games, Petroleum, Solvents & Volatile Substances, UV Tanning, Tattooing, E-Cigarettes, Gambling & Lotteries, Animals/Pets, Sex Shops/Establishments, Skin Piercing, Takeaways, and Videos/DVDs.

The NPOANS toolkit also focuses on the concept of 'Challenge', something which should be universal to all businesses selling age restricted products - how and when should you ask for proof of age? What do you do if the situation becomes difficult or you face an aggressive challenge? What happens if you sell age-restricted goods to an underage person? What is the best practice around proxy sales?

The toolkit also includes individualised, fully online automated testing and manager statistics on how well your store/s and staff are performing. Managers are also able to set exactly what products their staff will be trained on, so there's no wasted time on learning about products that you don't sell.

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