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Did you know that national food and hospitality sectors generate almost a million tonnes of food waste every year? It`s an uncomfortable fact, for now, but one that`s worth fighting against. We are here to dispel the notion that surplus food means compromising taste. We`ve formed LUVOFFER - a service that provides restaurateurs freedom to craft desirable dishes that are kinder on our environment, from food they would otherwise waste, while offering eco-conscious consumers an opportunity to enjoy gourmet meals without an haute price. Through the LUVOFFER app, you can select a range of artisanally crafted dishes from your favourite local eateries to be delivered at your convenience - so you can rest easy while eating environmentally healthy!

Founded in late 2017 by a small collective of seasoned industry professionals and bright-eyed graduates, LUVOFFER is as diverse as they come - spanning members across the world with multi-racial backgrounds and beliefs, all joined in an ecologically minded effort to combat food wastage by providing a service with simple entrenched values. We believe everyone has the appetite for a sustainable eating platform done right. We believe in maintaining our local environment while we build towards reducing the mountains of food waste on our doorstep, and we trust in our partners and patrons to foster a culture that promotes these values as we aim to become a premier choice when ordering from your local ecological takeaway.

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