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Fantastic Services

A chance meeting between Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov was all it took for the two like-minded entrepreneurs to launch Fantastic Services. It began as a small London-based carpet cleaning company but they saw an opportunity for expansion into other disciplines as the domestic services market grew.

Initially, Fantastic Services focused on specialised cleaning jobs, which included seasonal cleaning, end of tenancy, oven and upholstery cleaning. This portfolio of services expanded as demand grew to include additional services; gardening, removals, rubbish collection and recycling, pest control and pet care, and is now the one-stop shop for over 25 professional home cleaning and maintenance services performed by dedicated specialists across the UK.

We are revolutionising the domestic services industry through the use of emerging technology and offer a different way of working with industry professionals. We aim to introduce state of the art booking facilities combined with integrating emerging technologies to improve user experience in the service industry, with a mission to maintain ethical and sustainable long-term success for the business.

The technology we use improves consumer access to booking domestic services. The ability to checking availability, see when a specially trained professional is in the area and to book a service 24/7, not only makes the service more sustainable, but a convenient and efficient experience for our users. We also offer a more connected experience, as customers can communicate with the professionals via email, chat, phone and social media.

Fantastic Services operates on the Franchise business model. The company works with over 2000 experts who are franchisees. All franchisees' marketing, booking process, branding, lead generation, CRM, IT and customer support are managed in-house. The professionals are left to focus on the quality and performance of the services they do on-site.

We offer custom tailored solutions for corporate clients who benefit from the extensive range of services we offer and depending on their business requirements, are adapted to their needs. Additionally, we have personal account managers to support and advise, as well as ongoing assistance from our Finance, Marketing, Service and Business Development teams.

We are continuously growing and looking for ways to improve the services we provide to give our customers and our partners a more rounded experience. We have recently optimised the automation of daily processes so all bookings coming from the online booking form on desktop, along with the ones done via the user-friendly GoFantastic mobile app (developed in-house for customers), as well as the franchisees' online schedule management (the BFantastic app, specifically designed for the pros), are integrated into one large custom-made XRM system.

Having professional teams, whose quality we can trust is key. We constantly work to train - through our Fantastic Academy, motivate and retain our professionals. We also appreciate the importance of ongoing feedback and we have implemented a scoring system to help improve the customer experience at every contact.

We aim to change the face of the domestic services sector by combining the latest technologies to optimise high-quality services and ensuring that customer service is exceptional at all times.

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