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200 million+ small businesses around the world are working hard every day to create a unique customer experience. We founded enfore to re-imagine how these businesses utilize technology and to enable them to stay competitive in a connected world. By combining innovative hardware, powerful and easy to use software as well as comprehensive services, enfore delivers an amazing solution to connect all business aspects.

We have a bold vision: In the future every small business should enjoy similar efficiencies and scale-effects that historically were only available to large enterprises.

With our first set of Business Apps and Devices we focus on the 50 million local merchants and service providers globally. We are creating a unique solution enabling you to improve and expand your point of sale and service efforts.

Our enforePOS software offers you a wide range of modules to cover all aspects of your business: sales, reservations, payment processing, inventory management, purchasing, order fulfillment and logistics. We also built in powerful tools that allow you better understand, retain and reward your customers and connect with them via multiple channels.

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