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LID SAFE™ - Takeaway Hot Drinks Cup Lid Applicator - A professionally designed, simple but ingenious handheld tool that removes the inconsistencies associated with fitting lids to hot drinks containers. LID SAFE™ provides a simple, reliable, quick, hygienic and secure lid application every time, reducing scald risk for staff and customers.

The Problem
Serving counter staff often experience some degree of difficulty in securely attaching the lid to the steaming hot drink takeaway container that they are about to serve to a valuable customer.

The Risks
There can be several causes of concern associated with an ineffectively fitted lid and the manual handling process involved in using the palm of the hand to press the lid into place.

• Risk of scalding for the serving staff or customers
• Potential for legal action as a result of scald injury due to negligence
• Potential hygiene risk from hand contact with lid and drinking spout

The Solution
The LID SAFE™ is a high quality stainless steel handheld tool by Cooltec Innovation that looks great in any professional serving counter environment and provides a simple clean, safe and efficient solution to address hygiene, safety and consistency issues associated with the safe presentation of takeaway hot drinks to customers.

High Quality Design and Manufacture
Engineered from food-grade stainless steel and silicone, the LID SAFE™ comes with a 10-year guarantee on the main body. As soon as our customers have used the Lid Safe™ tool they quickly come to appreciate all of the benefits and wonder how they ever managed working without one! It is designed to assist anyone offering a takeaway hot beverage service. Available in an array of options and sizes, our product is ideal for takeaway cup lids from 8oz right up to 20oz.

Lids fitted securely and hygienically FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME, SIMPLE...with LID SAFE™

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